• Old School Gamer Magazine: Video Game Trading Card Spotlight (October 2017): Todd Friedman interviews Steve (featured on Video Game Trading Card number 380) about his career in the industry.
  • Retro Videogame Magazine (Issue #12): Interview regarding Steve’s career and what influenced and inspired him.
  • Joypad (November 2014): Steve talks with Régis Monterrin about his days at SEGA/STI.
  • RetroGaming Roundup Podcast 69 (December 2013): Audio interview with Steve and Keithen Hayenga about Apple, Atari, the Joyport and more.
    [MP3 – interview starts at 1:16:52]
  • Good Deal Games: Michael Thomasson interviews Steve about his career in game development.
  • (March 2010): Steve talks about Flash development with the folks at 8BitRocket.
  • Retronauts Podcast Episode 91 (April 2010): Frank Cifaldi plays host to a Tengen reunion as former programmers Steve Woita, Franz Lanzinger, and Mark Morris share tales of life at the greatest unlicensed Nintendo publisher ever.
    [40.4 MB – Length: 1:28:20]
  • Sega-16 (December 2005): Interview with Steve discussing his work at Sega.
  • Planet Virtual Boy: Interview with Steve regarding his work on Waterworld for the Virtual Boy.
  • Atari Compendium (2001): Interview with Scott Stilphen, discussing Steve’s games at various companies and other fun stuff.
  • The Warp Zone: Short interview with Steve about his work at Tengen.

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